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Magical ROAD TRIP in the Tuscan MAREMMA and the energy of the TERME DI Saturnia

17th September 2018

Watch the video and read the article!

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In this relaxing article I show you our four days spent in the Tuscan Maremma with an experience at the Terme di Saturnia Resort. Me and Ale have brought you with us, with the hope that you start to watch flights, trains and any kind of perfect route for you, to reach these lovely places.

In the video you will find a panorama of our Tuscan mini road trip. In the middle of our Italy, in the province of Grosseto, there are some villages that catapulting you into a historical world that makes you forget for a few days of all the negative thoughts enjoying everything that the Maremma has to offer. His loving people are ready to welcome you with smiles, good food, fantastic accommodations immersed in nature… and then the scent of wine, the vineyards along the roads that you walk, the cellars that have that smell of wine of grandpa, great grandfather or who knows what Generation that takes you on a wonderful mental journey; Then, if you start to try their wines, the journey will become more intense, I assure you. We who traveled from London, we landed in Rome Fiumicino which is the most convenient airport because, after renting a car, we reached the location in about an hour and a half driving. If you do not have a car, I found that many hotels, farms and B&B offer a shuttle service to and from stations or airports; As a result you can rent, a car on the spot. Just ask and get a ride on, Airbnb, Google etc… We leave the highway, the road is like in the films of Pieraccioni, we find ourselves in the middle of the Tuscan hills! Never seen live, I had only the memory of some film image or those programs of the Sunday type Green Line… Damn, it's all the way we imagined it! Large expanses of vineyards, with every now and then a farmhouse or a cellar with signs inviting you to taste their vintage with typical Tuscan products. Also here, like the rest of Italy with you do not miss anything… bread, salami, cheese, meat and many varieties can satisfy every palate. Manciano Province of Grosseto is the first stop, where we have in a beautiful farm with the lady, the owner, who prepares the yogurt and fresh ricotta to serve us at breakfast, you have understood well I said right at breakfast! Jams strictly homemade, typical Tuscan bread without salt, which I adore because without the salt better taste the food that is already salty of his. Obviously there is no shortage of cake made by her every morning… The farm is called POGGIO Petrella. We did a road trip by visiting:




In the video I show you a little bit of everything but without ruining the surprise. Here are some photos:

But it's not over…

 Saturnia TERME

We recharged for health and wellbeing at the Terme di Saturnia spa and Golf Resort where we regained all the energy we needed before returning to the London routine. These spas are famous for the intense properties that have spring water with its natural temperature of 37 degrees and is characterized by a high quantity of bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium; The bottom of the pools is of volcanic stone so all left to the natural. To complete you can, indeed, you must use waterfalls and jets of water, whirlpool pools and the vascular path of hot water and cold water that helps the circulatory system. In addition to the inner wellbeing of our body, the Temale di Saturnia is a real cure-all for the beauty of our skin, to which you will give a natural exfoliation and a deep cleansing. The relaxation is not only given by the water but also by the good food that you can taste by the pool, by the artisan gelato and by the treatments for the body that the structure offers, such as massages, face and body masks and many other paccchetti. In short, a good health and wellness lover at least once you should give our body a spa path of Saturnia.   Visit the thermal baths: Terme di Saturnia spa and Golf Resort

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SHOPPING Costumes IDEA-How to match different costumes

13th July 2018


This year I redid the wardrobe of costumes. I had to do a mix and match to get more options interchanging pieces above and below among the various costumes. The mix and match besides being trendy is also cheap! 

Premise: i love the swimsuits, I find them very cool, refined and special. A flaw of the piece, is that if you are wearing it the first few days at sea, we are cunt until we wear bikini then seem a new version cookies ringo … in costume.

Not all matter-tone problem because not all go around with the belly uncovered so whatever … the choice is yours.

Between my costumes there are both options.

First, my favorite, purchased in January for their honeymoon in Asia one of the most appreciated on Instagram.

Second favourite is a whole that becomes a body/shoulder top costume for a party outfit at the beach or in town.

Style 60 years. Total black and high-waisted briefs that enhances the female form and takes out the whole of our femininity. Elected instagram star!

Simple bikini, black; Basically I used the above piece of vintage bikini and bought only the normal briefs.

Same thing I did with this

And this.

Instead here I used the black panties that I had with this bra lined with wide band under the bust … how I love the rows only I know!! 

Speaking of rows, I put this outfit that I bought two years ago for vacation in Greece–still current but a bit big for me.

Finally the fringes … never go out of style. Strangely I had forgotten to have this bikini … It will be because this year they are more a flowers lover.

In order not to miss anything at a beach dress cute when you do not go to the sea becomes a citizen outfit.

Already since last year the pom pom have colored our holidays. Who knows if we'll have next disconnect them one by one or continue to wear balls … LoL haha.

Happy holidays to all!!

Enjoy this month's holiday, never mind anything … in September will be seen.

With love, Ross ❤ ️


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10th October 2017

This is a post only suitable to a female audience both adult and minor, relieves stress and lighten their wallets … but not too much! Well! Boring Sundays have started, it all depends on how you get there are Sundays boring when you’re super excited to stay at home, in pajamas, to do everything and do nothing and wallow in laziness. Then there are the boring Sundays but have a negative impact on your being lazy, still wearing pajamas! Here, in this case or you fall into chronic pessimism that after lunch, it gets even deeper because it puts us as well the thought of Monday, or take the plunge and go take a hike, a coffee or maybe shopping.  Don’t you have to have high expectations from shopping may prove just a walk around among the collections of stores … everything ok! Often, when I go out without my wish list, I make the best shopping. It all began with an electric toothbrush that I suggested my sister … you think high expectations fashion I had! Unfortunately, right next to Boots, the famous English perfumeries/pharmacies, there was one Zara with a beautiful autumn showcase and besides take a cool picture

 I even bought a summer shirt lol! No from the t-shirt now can be worn for four seasons said.

Zara £15.99 

Why did I get it? Because I like a lot what I call the ” mood ” t-shirts that reflect the mood of the time when you wear it.   And I got this black bag very pretty not so big that you close to the bag.  

Zara £ 15.99-find it here Zara bag 

I show you this cute hat and earrings that I thoroughly enjoy but I bought them because I like them.

Zara Hat £ £ 9.99 Buy me. 

Zara Earrings £ £12.99 Buy me

Esco from zara and I go from Marks & Spencer which is a chain of stores in the United Kingdom with online shopping. So dear Italian friends if you really like this sweater with sleeves rounded pearls, go online or try something like around much is safe or better yet, armed with needle, thread and pearls and stick it on you.

Mark and spencer-35 pounds. You can get it from here Buy me

  I move towards Oxford Circus and I go from H & M where I found another of my grandma-style skirts but really cool! 

H & m skirt-£34.99 buy me

Here she is. Is of black tulle embroidered with flowers too cute. In your opinion is more a floral tulle skirt that I love I could never leave her? I hope there will be in the stores of H & M Italy otherwise online. I also purchased this grey sweater from H & M that I wear with the skirt, to add it to my collection 50 shades of gray in my wardrobe. This however is a light grey! Humbly found on the stand of the super sales of things that nobody has considered (£7). Thank you for leaving him, I needed it!  Always from Boots as well as the famous toothbrush I bought this lipstick. We’ll post a picture of the history of Instagram-follow me here

Stay Matte-Rimmel-200 Pink Blink £5.99 Pounds

Sunday shopping is finished, I hope with my express shopping has inspired enough to do your shopping. Let me know by commenting and social. Continue to follow on social and the stories they tell about me and my life in London every day.

Love … love … love … Hmmm.

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26th July 2017

The week after the holidays… sadness! it was so nice to spend one week at the beach under the Sun thinking only nice things and carefree. As I write this I am still imagining myself on that Lounge on the beach. Coming back down to Earth, instead of soft sand and warm, I touch the floor of my british flat and instead of sea I have a computer innfront of me… I know somebody can’t understand me because every day on facebook I see your beautiful pictures enjoying  the sea while I’m here…

London rain

What I use to do the week after holidays?

In addition to my ten thousand routines , I also have a routine post holidays. 


After a week of warm, saltiness and dryness, my skin and hair will not thank me and also I need to come on back my healthy nutrition.

This is the week of ” back to normal ” and I show you in general terms what I do.

The fridge is crying …

It’s empty. I emptied it before leaving, so first thing I need to do is load the fridge of fruits, vegetables and other healthy food. Obviously I also bought , fish, chicken, yoghurt, porridge (oatmeal). This is a basic expense not to starve the post holiday; then slowly I make a list and I fill the pantry.

     spending diet

We pass to the personal care!

Put a moisturizing oil in my hair and I do act for several hours while doing errands, gym etc.

hair oil

 Which oil to use?

mashooq oil

at this time I am using this oil MASHOOQ, sent me by the company long time ago for me to try, this is the third time I apply it and now I really can do a consideration on quality.

I love it, don’t use it often because it is very intense and I fear that using it every week is too much for my hair. For situations of disastrous hair is perfect.

It is a concentration of 100% natural oils which are: sweet almond-coconut-olive -palm -sunflower-wheat germ, prepared with addition of vitamins and minerals. 

You have to apply it before shampooing on the roots, lengths and tips, comb through your hair to evenly distribute the product and wrap your head with plastic wrap or a towel dampened with hot water. I kept posing about three hours because I’m the same old overwhelming.

This oil penetrate deeply into hair, nourishing it and helping to prevent breakage. It is very useful even for stressed hair hair irons and plates, used with colored hair obsession.

In short, a shot of life and health for our hair!

To purchase simply go to and choose the amount you want. 

Let’s move on to my face!

Question for you? Your face skin, after holidays by the sea, has a negative reaction? I have a beautiful skin during the sea and Sun, then in the days following holidays start popping pimples under the skin, and it becomes much more dry… in short, a strange reaction. I read on a few blogs of other beauty bloggers, that is normal because the skin has been under stress and now reacts like that.

I need to moisturize so it’s time to try the Hydra Bomb mask by Garnier, which I had purchased before the holidays.


You have to keep laying fifteen minutes, but with this face mask it’s so good and makes me relaxed so I kept  it five minutes more. I posted a picture in the stories of Instagram and not at all liked this mask. Some replied my story, saying that there is too much product on this mask… I never tried it, on my normal skyn. I think for  treatments on very dry skin is perfect because the amount of product is enough for the type of dryness; In contrast may be excessive if not you need to moisturize your face so much.

It’s time to mani and pedi …

the nail polish I had put before leaving it choppy but has become opaque because of the salt. I recommend this brand because it lasts much, almost seven days! Obviously I always use kitchen gloves even for washing a teaspoon…otherwise bye bye Polish!

Cheeky varnish

The brand of the varnish  is CHHEKY. My friend Laura (@witblog on instagram) given me it as present, to celebrate my engagement ring. Together with the nail polish she gave me a manicure from Cowshed to give a nice hand for my ring . The things she does…always surprise me!

 This is the glaze that I keep always on nails in the desk drawer. to patch small chipping 😀 keyboard.

Fitness routine:

I came back to the gym with these workouts: Spining, Boot Camp, a workout that I do with a series of exercises and Yoga!

Yoga pose

 End of the week!

In seven days I did other things but here I wrote just the things you could interest and  give you an idea about how to start a nice week to return from vacation.

I’d like to know your habits. Write everything you do in the comments … I’m curious!

 I talking about holidays again…as soon as possible.

With Love Ross.

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30th April 2016

NonnaCool is a big door open to who have ideas, projects and dreams realized or to be carried out; How I love to share what I do in the same way I love to share what others do especially if there’s passion, tenacity, motivation and commitment.

Then if my best friend introduce herself at the Milan Week design with a lamp, of her favourite colour that floating in the air, I can’t wait to dedicate a post! It seems that I created the lamp…I’m so proud of my friend! Before leaving for London I left you hopping between construction yard with your bag full of ideas and a great desire to do; and now…


I introduce you Paola Palmieri, Italian young architect from Salerno, founder of  DUEPI (visit fb page). Paola has in her drawer some projects to be realize in addition to her dreams. This year she exhibit at the Salone Satellite,  realizing one of the her dream that only the designer knows what it’s important to be selected for this event…

IMG_4034 (2)

A lamp named after Lite Lite is its project who proudly exhibited in Milan, attracting the interest of colleagues and visitors. Technology and design come together to give life to this floating lamp is a floating lamp engined by a magnetic levitation system.

Paola explains that magnetic levitation is a phenomenon whereby two magnets of the same sign repel each other creating this fluctuation in the air. In the case of Lite Lite the magnets were electrified to create a balance that allows the upper magnet not to be thrown off the lower magnet.

The lamp switch on and off thanks to Arduino system and it’s very easy to activate by simply hoovering the finger on the sensor. The lampshade is made of 3D printed PLA and the body shell of the light is made by white sintetic resin.
The lamp exibited at the Salone Satellite is a moody lamp, that change the intensity of the light according to the way the lampshade is orientated. Lite Lite will be soon available with a wider base able to charge your devices and the body of the lamp through an induction system. It will be also acccessorized with several USB outlet and a speaker.
The designer is also working, with her team, on developing an iOS and Android app to control both the intiensity and the color of the light.

IMG_4041 (2)

“I’m very proud and thrilled of being part of such a creative group of selected designer to
exhibit at the Salone Satellite. I really appreciate that the jury showed interest towords the
project, despite it’s still a prototipe.” said Paola when she aknowledged she was nominated
to exhibit during the Design Week.


Paola responds …

How did Lite Lite pops into your head and why did you choose this name?
The idea was conceived last year just at the salone del mobile: looking at a very nice lamp I thought “it would be nice if they are floating in the air”, the friends who were with me they took me for crazy but ultimately-one year later-I really did! The name is a play on words; Lite lite or light light in its American form is quite literally “light”: it seemed the more appropriate name.

What did you think when you saw your magic lamp made?
“I did it!” Only this

Tell us about the experience of the Salone del mobile. Sensations, feedback, emotions …
It was a very positive experience: I met many companies, internationally renowned designers but also students and colleagues from around the world with whom it was nice to test myself to see my project with other people’s eyes and see flaws and potential.

Are you thinking of new projects for the future?
In addition to his work as an architect, which of course is always in the middle of my days, are at work on several projects in the field of design that I hope will have the same positive response of the lamp.
Of course I have a highly efficient team in the studio who calls me and allows me to devote myself to all of these things at once.

Do you have any advice to give to young enterprising people like you?
Trying, always!

Do you have a motto or a few maximum that you tell yourself as soon as you wake up in the morning?
As soon as I wake up, especially when the weather is tiring and demanding, I try to tell myself that I am lucky because I’m getting up to go for the best job in the world, so everything becomes easier!

Ross says…

For big or small things to realize we must not only act, it is important also to dream; not only plan, but also believe in what we do.

With love…



12993421_10154067620363554_7085258642283109498_n   13086760_1205147489498337_5135078722506099069_o



10th March 2016

Fast fashion is one of the things I do often, almost every day … for fast fashion I mean look cute without wasting too much energy for the outfit, when I didn’t want to meditate in front of the closet, when I don’t have time … time for myself lately decreases more and more and I find myself in the situation to claim to do a thousand things in ten minutes; a dream that will never really … The shirt I’m wearing is oversized, size xxl for accuracy, bought so large on purpose and then play them with the outfits, in fact here I wear it with an elastic waist belt with simple tights for a vintage look that reminds me a little of the style of my mom and surely of your … they who know style! Unfortunately I can’t recycle almost nothing of my mother because he was extra small model … I’m gone for that size in 12 years! A few things to say about this fast outfit, you can do the same with any oversize shirt or a shirt, maybe a dad or a partner–a belt, a pair of cuffs to the sleeves and stop, ready!


With Love …



* Special thanks to Andy S for photos *



5th March 2016

Crazy March has arrived and we have to suffer a bit longer his tricks like Sun and frost or rain and warm or even Sun rain and snow  in one day,before greeting our winter outfits…but we love the madness of March! It’s the spring month, the month that makes us dream thinking about summer, the closure of schools, vacations, picnics, so many things!! And then there are the blooms and for flower lovers like me, it’s feeling like Alice in Wonderland 😀 After a good night’s sleep (see my eyeballs), I met some friends for coffee and chat, an unpretentious occasion without red carpet for an easy outfit but especially in details.

Fashion ingredients

a pair of jeans-Turtleneck Sweater (H & M)-trainers


An eye-catching necklace does not hurt with a basic look like mine, as well as special socks I wear (gift from Marghe); I don’t like to match the bags with shoes and accessories, I prefer to break more than coordinate! The trainer with a  basic look-chic very trend (and confortable :D).

Styling: a corner of the shirt off the jeans, it’s cool! 

With love …





30th January 2016

A dinner with friends with pajamas party is just what I need! A few weeks ago Ale went to Italy for a few days and I thought I would console me with my two friends Sara and Bruna all combined by good wine, good music (listen), food, movies,plaid and sofa! I’m not going to write about food … Maybe in the food page I will , let me just describe what I made to decorate the dining table. I think that the looks of the table is so important both for myself and for  the guests; I always choose a theme for the occasion without ever leaving the touch of vintage 😉 In England do not have the habit of using the table cloths, this is not to say that I’m sorry to hear that in fact the table naked in some quarters has its own style, depends on the table … I don’t own one exciting table and sooner or later I need to replace … Meanwhile, I think about how to cover it. Among the cloths that my mom bought me there’s too modern, not go for this evening… So,What can I do? table table cloth tablecloth … … … … yep!! I Use baking paper! Super Idea! The brown paper gets too nonnaCool! Then I used the brown twine, wooden clothespins, nice napkins, tags and scattered peanuts on the table as decoration and for the aperitif 😀 In short, the photo gallery will facilitate life to me than to you without losing ourselves in the explanations … don’t forget the movie we had Gone Girl (Watch trailer)


friendship, good music, food, wine, sofa, pajamas, light-heartedness, movies, laughs, relax!

With love …


Glasses decorated with twine


It’s just a flower in a bottle…it’s so chic!


parchment paper, Twine wrapped like gift wrap with bow at the center of the table and scattered peanuts for the aperitif


cute napkins, pegs and tags as placeholders










2nd January 2016

Always I ask myself the question "what style I?" my answer has changed over the years and even today is vague … I realize they are geared towards a casual style with some detail that makes this particular but at the same time my style reflects my mood or a period of my life; for this reason I can't give me an answer and step up from basic to whimsical, from black to yellow with ease. The thought of having only one style, I do not like so much. In today's outfit predominates the gray gray London day, definitely inspired me. .. Luckily the red lipstick sticks out and-collar breaks up the static nature that a casual grey can give. NonnaCool is my shared Cabinet and in this post with pleasure I share the secret of my curls with the accessory shown in the photos. The ingredients to get this outfit are readily available in all cabinets and you can change and customize as you want … What you need is the inspiration, inspiration then let us personnel in everything and I am not referring only to the outfit.

With Love

Ross …


Cinzia collar necklace gift



ringlets rain-proof


the secret of my curls


Singin' In The Rain Poster

films of 1952




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