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5th June 2018

[Embedyt] v = YTWpWIvw6YM [/embedyt] Although in London the summer is (maybe) starting now, I have already done a mini-shopping. I thought it could be useful, as inspiration for your purchases.  Even if my shopping comes from London, remember that there is online shopping that has taken out every border and if you do not find exactly that boss you can always look elsewhere… So situated! Good view and good shopping!! Follow me on Instagram and share your purchases with me!  Bye!!!



15th December 2016

Today I posted a photo on my Facebook profiles Instagram and while eating a Mince Pie and many of you have asked me the recipe, so I sent a series of whatsup my friend English Katy I has unveiled its secret recipe. For the uninitiated, the mince Pie is a typical English which is consumed during Christmas and we who are cool we will prepare together with Italian treats.

What we need:

Dough (roll or homemade)

Stuffing or Mincemeat.

Paper cups or baking muffins

Round shape to cut the cookies or a wide glass.

Ingredients for the filling

2 apples

2 pears

220 gr raisins

110 gr raisins

110 gr currants/plums/figs (dried) to be chosen among these

juice and zest of 1 lemon

zest and juice of 1 orange

candied fruit 60 gr

brown sugar 180 g

60 g butter

50 g chopped walnuts

1 tablespoon mixture of spices (nutmeg + cinnamon plus cloves)

2 tablespoons Brandy or Rum


Peel and thinly slice the apples and pears. In a saucepan combine all ingredients, except the Brandy and cook slowly for about 20/30 minutes until all the ingredients you will be dissolved. When cooked, add the Brandy or Rum and stir.

Cut the pastry forming discs, using a glass or shape to cut the cookies and cover the bottom and sides of cups or muffin mold (small), it's good enough for a baking muffins. Add the filling and seal the surface with another disk of pastry.

Bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 20/25 minutes.

Styling: sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Secrets: serve the pies warm!

With Love 









22nd October 2016


I'm happy to be sitting at my kitchen table/Office to write the post about this recipe fun to prepare, it's too good! Crunch! Crunch! Tells you something this sound …? Yes, crispy something's brewing … But noo! I say not brewing otherwise is limp! I wanted to say that something is cooking in the oven are crispy … mmm are you curious? The you? I have not heard … huh? Stop, enough suspense:D

Today my mood is Ganesh and Palmer and on my blog I'm myself without filters nor appearances.

Well well, today's recipe is about a snack, obviously good, easy to prepare, healthy, made with an ingredient that is impossible not to have at home … This is Apple and cinnamon chips. Yes! I said, I know you're thinking of the chips chips in bag, which I, as much as I want to be healthy, I love without measure. In fact I love all that sgranocchiabile but we know that when you crunch snacks in addition to the pleasure of "crunch crunch" after there is the guilt of fats and calories than just looking hands oily you can understand.

With this brief period, ladies and gentlemen I announce that this fabulous snack does crunch, contains no fat and is also good!

Yes Yes, I speak the truth and do not hesitate to prepare it to your children.

Well start the recipe commending you to Preheat oven to 100 degrees maximum, if you have a powerful oven maybe even less, maybe 70 degrees. I used a convection mode, I wouldn't recommend a convection oven … When will visit home to mommy that has the oven try.

Do not use the oven top, I tried and I show you the first attempt went up in smoke.


Red Apples



First wash the apples because you won't have to peel. Dry them and slice them up creating thin slices, starting from the top where the petiole to speak; sliced by creating disks and do not remove the kernels because they will be away as you cut. I used a affettatutto setting depending on the thickness of the chosen. I think with a potato peeler or knife, if you're not wimps like me, you will get the equal slices.

Place the oven on the baking sheet, Apple disks covered with oven paper or a baking pan and sprinkle the surface of the apples with cinnamon.

Put in the oven and wait until the slices crispy.

Eat them or keep them in a plastic food bag closed properly otherwise you will soften again.

And remember, that Apple doesn't just mean Iphone and Ipad … I wish you

Happy Apple Snack at all!!!


Secret: If you love cinnamon try to put a bit of honey.

Styling: served as an appetizer along with red wine and cheese.


With love


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Cool TART ORANGE MARMALADE (gluten free)

9th October 2016


Today it is a cloudy day if lifted up his eyes to heaven, but if you look around me is colored by various shades of Brown, Orange, yellow and green. Are all the colors of autumn that put together give life to the Rainbow of autumn. This season feels so good, in fact I love all the seasons of the year, each offers us something that the other doesn't have. We can make four different types of shopping, eat different things, our moods change; the latter aspect is very important, we cannot be of the same mood for twelve months a year, that flat!!!

Meanwhile, I don't know why today are not so much inspired to write, now I try to put a bit of classical music that blasts away all distractions from my mind and from my eyes.

But you listen to classical music? I love gives me all what I miss when I do or think about something important.

But today it is so, the only thing I can conclude is a tart with chestnut flour stuffed with figs and orange Marmalade. Not bad for a lazy mood as my …


For the pastry

120 g flour/gluten free flour

80 g of chestnut flour

120 g butter

80 g sugar

1 egg

Half a bag of baking powder.

For the topping

8 figs

Orange Marmalade

Sugar to caramelize.


In a bowl mix the butter and flour rise until creamy, then add egg, sugar and yeast; Finally add the chestnut flour and work until you have a dough that cover with foil and let rest in refrigerator for an hour.

Meanwhile preheat the oven to 160/180 degrees, slice the figs and carammellateli in the oven with a little sugar sprinkled on the surface.

After an hour with a rolling pin, roll out the dough, creating a sheet of about half a centimeter and place it into the pan for the tart and make holes with a fork.

Here I speak clearly and I really want to do it because it is not often highlighted the problem of gluten-free pastry; When you try to roll it out will be very difficult to maintain it indeed almost impossible, intergranular romperá and at that point the best solution is to place it into the pan to pieces which then join, crushing with fingers on the bottom.

Add orange marmalade, then the figs and cover the surface with the strips of dough or other forms as I did that I created hearts of pasta.

Bake in oven at 180 degrees for 40 minutes/160.

All you have to do is prepare a tea and enjoy your work.

Secret: for the lazy or laggards, you can make the pie with pastry dough ready. Shhh! It's a secret:D

With Love,



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I the event LONDON FASHION KICK 2016

3rd July 2016

Finally I will tell you of the event London Fashion Kick ' 16

Carpe Diem

On 18 June at the Double Three By Hilton, in Marble Arch in Central London, I along with other "bloggerine" we are invited to this event organised by Marta Lenzi and Nadia Spita, whom I had the pleasure of meeting you in person …

Italian Bloggers

I with Sonia (Sonia nel paese delle dishes), Ilaria (Airali's Passion) Simona (Following your passion)


But what happened?


Ph: Carpe Diem

Seven fashion European designers have shown us the heads of their collections worn by beautiful models in their naturalness and simplicity. Just imagine if they could ever be ugly … LOL.

There was also an octave exit "food and fashion" where high fashion garments were worn with high-grade food. I don't want but on the latter I'm biased and I cannot express my joy at seeing fashion and food perfectly combined together; I don't believe in this fusion and in this event I had confirmation …


I with the white skirt and red shoes:D

Through a series of shots telling you what struck me …


Fashion designer of flowers:D  His collection is inspired by the flowers in white, purple and fuschia; each flower is cut and individually created and applied on the head with the 3D technology.

In his collection in addition to flowers we find beads combined with tulle, which I personally think refined and adorable.

Facebook: Chloe Simmon Instagram: @cwsfashion


Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: Carpe Diem


Ph: Carpe Diem


Ph: nonnaCool

N ' ELLA-Jacobus Van Niekerk

The Italian designer, who inspired her collection to his travels, speaking on unique items. Us heads of flax and a Italian style combined with ethnic patterns from which comes out a modern and feminine style that can be worn on many occasions, very flexible I would say … cute!

Facebook: N ' ella Instagram: @nellaideattiva


Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: Carpe Diem


Ph: Carpe Diem


Ph: Carpe Diem


Ph: Carpe Diem


He describes his inspiration remembering the scene from "sex and the city" when Carrie describes how he feels when he sees something he really likes. Made it perfectly the idea:D The name ZsaZsaZsu refers us to the farlalle in the stomach that we all know well … When we want something!

Facebook: london style with one click Instagram: followthezsazsazsu


Ph: Carpe Diem


Ph: Carpe Diem


I am a fan of swimsuits and sandals, in his collection I found them both. Sensuality and Feminilitá are the basis of his inspiration. Although I presents its line as beachwear, I would wear them everywhere and not only these beautiful Sandals on the beach …

Facebook: swimwear by Parys Instagram: @swimwearbypays


Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: nonnaCool


Trentingrana D.O.P. -Rice-pink-rose jam-syrup pistachio custard-apple jam-jam of oranges and vanilla-caviar-sake. These are the ingredients that came out on the catwalk fashion …

Food and fashion

Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: Carpe Diem


Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: nonnaCool


Ph: nonnaCool

After the fashion show, I've certainly lost the food tasting Sicilian, where everything was good but the pistachio risotto was awarded a well deserved an encore!



On Instagram you will find more videos and pictures about the event. Follow me!!


PS: my photos were taken by Iphone and because of low light are not so defined, but I knew I had to find the official photos of the event:D

With Love




2nd July 2016

Italy … summer … food …

Last week I was in Italy, among a thousand laps and things to do for the wedding, on the last day I and wings had lunch with our friends mark and Rosanna. Marco, salernitato true and collector of old Vespa Piaggio and Fiat 500, bought me of fragrant rapini to take London. The long green peppers, broccoli rabe are also present in other regions of southern Italy including Basilicata. Since I am lucana with half the heart of Campania, I decided to cook these fragrant Rapini to Luke in a version with new potatoes; in my country, this dish is called "pupacc and patan" (peppers and potatoes).

This recipe is very easy and the scent that is there in the House during the preparation is indescribable!


long green peppers (rapini), new potatoes, cherry tomatoes, garlic, Basil.


Clean and cut the peppers in half lengthwise, place them in a large pan with garlic, olive oil and whole tomatoes. Cover with a lid and cook until softened. I have made them Brown a little more because I prefer them that way. In the meantime wash and cut potatoes in half and cook in steam or boiled in their skins until they shove it with a fork. Drain the potatoes and merge them with peppers, salt and sauté together at your leisure.

A few ingredients, few difficulties for a large dish with an intense flavour to summer fragrance.

Enjoy these recipes now that is the best time to find fresh peppers and let me know if anyone has any revised version of this dish …

Secret: I tried to serve them with some mint leaf, I liked them … try it yourself!

With Love


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22nd June 2016

We are already halfway through sertimana! The weekend is coming!! When I think of the weekend the first thing that comes to mind is a mega breakfast of those you have to colazionare for a long time, quietly, laziness, in pajamas and strictly with the radio on! I have many friends who can't understand why they don't do breakfast or reduce it to a coffee, I can't do it. For me the day starts after breakfast, regardless of the time. We Italians we are inclined to the sweet breakfast with milk, croissants, doughnuts, cookies, coffee etc. I don't eat breakfast very Italian sweet and savory is genetically modified and if you ask me what I prefer, would vouch for that love salty; with this I do not mean a bolognese or lasagna and maybe a small glass of wine … With the savory breakfast I feel more energetic, and enjoy long-term satiety … It is a habit that I carry from Italy and from when I'm in England I feel full in one of them with the english breakfast.

Last week I went to have breakfast at "the house of peroni" where chef Francesco Mazzei, whom I admire and I always follow, proposed breakfast. This is an English breakfast with Italian products like the Tuscan sausage, avocado stuffed with monkfish, spicy beans at the right point, bacon and eggs and grits.

Inspired by this Italian event and attracted by the goodness of homemade breakfast Peroni, I figured, "why not do an Italian version?"

Said and done! I started researching the ingredients made in Italy and I made.


Bread, tomatoes, cheese, ham, eggs.


I diced tomatoes for toasted bread and seasoned with oregano salt and some Rosemary. Then I removed the crumb in the middle of a slice of bread, creating a hole. I placed the slices of bread in a hot pan eed opened an egg into the hole that I did cook it at my leisure.

Then in a non-stick pan I melted smoked cheese and now I melt on the corner of bruschetta with tomatoes.

I grilled a tomato divided by half and placed everything in a shallow dish and even added a couple of slices of ham.

All accompanied by an organic carrot juice.

In the Photogallery you will find my breakfast and the one I tried at House of Peroni.

I hope you like it! Or I hope you scollerete for a day from sweet …

With love


Italian breakfast by nonnacool

English breakfast by f. Mazzei



5th June 2016



I'm not the only one to think that one can live on only bread and water! Unfortunately since I discovered my gluten intolerance I had to deprive myself of the habit. I converted the purchase of gluten-free bread and I'd rather not describe my infelicitá trying to enjoy eating a slice of bread without crust, flaky, pale and without character; only thanks to the imagination could savor my lovely bread packed as if it were a slice of freshly baked loaf. There do it?!! I tried this at home and I admit that a couple of attempts have not had good results. I tried again and I finally did it!! Now I can enjoy the smell of homemade bread, a loaf of beautiful colorful and crisp zest that makes noise when you slice the loaf; not to mention the "crunch" that makes the toasted slice at first bite!!! This is the effect that the bread has on my life. As for the consumption, I personally prefer help it during meals lunch and dinner during the week and eat it every morning at breakfast; It is not a fixed rule, often not eating for breakfast but a snack or lunch without overdoing it. Well after my declaration of love for the bread, I bring you on schedule!

Ingredients for a loaf

500 g whole wheat flour gluten

500 ml warm water

10 grams of dry yeast powder

1 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil


1 large bowl

1 wooden spatula

a pan Loaf pan lined with baking paper (without too many folds)


In a bowl, put the flour and salt, mix.

Dissolve yeast in water and add all the water to the flour.

Mix and Knead with the help of a wooden spatula.

Add half oil and continue kneading, the dough is sticky and uneven as the regular bread, that's why it's not recommended to knead by hand.

Form a kind of dough, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and a cover and let rise for about 1 hour.

Meanwhile Preheat oven to 185/200 degrees, not ventilated (depends on the oven, I preheated to 200 grams)

After the interval of leavening, place the dough into the pan.

Level the surface with a trowel and brush with the remaining oil.

Bake for 1 hour.

Once cooked, remove the bread from the Pan and place it on a rack to dry the moisture.

Slice and eat when cool, if you can resist!

Styling: brush with oil before baking because flour gluten-don't take a nice color typical of the loaf.

Secret: slice and freeze.

With Love …




14th May 2016

I made another discovery!

Today we speak of Matcha tea, a Japanese green tea that is grown in the shade, and whose leaves are harvested by hand and then turn them into powder using stone mills; why the matcha tea is prized. I can't stand it!! We list for properties and benefits of this magic potion:

Rich in vitamins B1 B2 C and Beta Carotene.

Rich in minerals, antioxidants and detoxifying the skin; It also helps prevent sunburn caused by UV rays.

Promotes weight loss because it activates the metabolism and has a draining.

Reduces Stress to helps increase mental focus.

Keeps diabetes and cholesterol.

Prevents infection.

These are just some of the benefits …

This tea is also used in the kitchen, both to prepare many exquisite and healthy recipes, both as a food colour for its deep green color.

Dose: for a cup of tea requires a quarter teaspoon of coffee. Don't overdo it because it contains caffeine and may cause discomfort to those who cannot tolerate this substance. A cup a day keeps the doctor away. I am using it for breakfast by adding it to milk or juice.

How to prepare a cup of tea or Matcha latte

In a Cup, add a quarter teaspoon of coffee tea, dissolve in a little hot water which must not exceed 80 degrees, stir well to dissolve the lumps and add more water or milk to fill the Cup.

* to prepare Matcha there are tools like a whisk of bamboo that melts well the lumps (where to buy the whip), otherwise do as best you believe; the art of getting by!

To introduce this elixir of beauty I have prepared a donut.


250 grams of flour

200 g caster sugar

150 ml milk

4 medium eggs

50 g of honey

200 ml sunflower oil

baking powder

vanilla or vanillin

1 teaspoon Matcha tea


With a whisk, start mixing eggs, honey, sugar, salt and vanilla; When the mixture will become frothy milk and slowly add oil flush.

In a separate bowl sift the flour with the Matcha tea and baking powder. Merge them into the mixture. Place the dough in a baking pan and bake in preheated oven 180 degrees bundt for about 40 minutes.


For gluten-free version simply replace normal flour with:

230 g of gluten free flour, 75 g of potato starch and 5 grams of xanthan gum.

Styling: Add chilled cranberry sauce on a bun juice or crushed.

Secret: the xanthan gum is a natural food which helps the gluten-free flour glue to get the consistency they need, avoiding the crumbling of cakes etc..

With this tea a toast is a must … "cheers!"

With Love


 Matcha tea


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