16th November 2015

Finally it’s Christmas time! Yes…I know it’s still early but for me it’s always late and it lasts a short time. This year the 8th of November I made the christmas tree; why so early? Because I go in Italy at Christmas time every year to spend time with my family and I can’t enjoy my tree… So I anticipate the traditions! I haven’t a big tree, because I bought it three days before Christmas, in my first year in London and obviously I got one of the last trees in the stores. After almost 3 years, I’m using it, it’s my first London tree!!! About decorations I’m using red and gold, they are the Christmas colors and white lights. I made some decorations by me, having fun with glitter (scattered) clothespins, initials, bows… look what happened in the evening of the 8th of November 2016…

Initials with heart for the tip of the tree created with glue and glitter

Wooden clothespins covered with glitter to decorate the branches and to hang on some wishes messages

Decorated wooden clothespins with red glitter

Wooden clothespins, glue and glitter to decorate the tree branches

Bows created with a ribbon

Bows to give a touch of fashion to the tree

other glittery decorations

Fashion clips to decorate branches

Initials (Alessandro&Rossella) positioned on the tip of the tree

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