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19th October 2018

Cooking therapy What is it, why, for whom? I strongly believe in the benefits of the kitchen as a mental wellbeing therapy and positivity holder. Practicing cooking therapy is not like following a cooking class, it is a personal practice aimed at everyone and especially to those who have never cut an onion and do not know what is lost. Cooking is not just about feeding, cooking is the expression of ourselves, of our personality; It is the discovery of new flavors that are associated with a particular moment of life, to our current mood. Often you do not realize that the kitchen mirrors us and we cook what we want depending on how we are. Cooking for others, or for ourselves does not matter. The kitchen is a connector between people, it is the expression of love and the desire to say something, to communicate indirectly through pleasure; It's sharing, meeting. Many are intimidated by the kitchen because it is understood as wanting to demonstrate the culinary skills to themselves and others, from the fear of making mistakes, from performance anxiety, from lack of ideas… just because we are accustomed to look at images of dishes well Photographed, which, not saying are to our liking, or because we associate the kitchen to those who do so by trade to those who are in the restaurant. That's another thing… that's not the concept of cooking therapy. Then I turn to those without fears and problems cooking regularly meals for the family or for themselves and has no difficulty preparing a plate of pasta, a cake, etc… But in that case the kitchen could be flat and without personality, in a nutshell you cook for duty. But what if that plate of pasta that has been cooking for twenty years underwent a change? If grandma's cake that prepares for about forty years became a personalized grandmother's cake, revisited? In the worst case may not like but it was fun. Meanwhile with the first experiment will open a world, the mind, discovering new tastes, new pleasures. Boredom, moments of depression, loneliness, insecurity are situations common to all of us and the solution and create the interests that keep us away from thinking and obsessing; One of them is the kitchen. I'm not here to do the work of conviction but it bothers me when I hear say I can not cook, without having tried. I wonder, "a sandwich, a salad you will know?"  This is cooking! From today he experimented with new salads, new sandwiches. The contest pumpkin lovers, which I created on Instagram and Facebook was born for this and was greatly appreciated. I've seen exchange of obinions, sharing, inspiration and fun. The sense was to have fun and create a positive "cooking movement" using pumpkin as a seasonal ingredient. You have been fantasic and I show here and on social your creations in order to take, give inspiration. Thank you!

My wimps-proof recipe is:

Lentil salad and pumpkin

Ingredients dried lentils or canned pumpkin flakes of parmesan parsley garlic (optional) rosemary olive oil Salt and pepper procedure: Cook the dried lentils Otherwise you can use the canned ones for practicality and just heat them and Drain them well. Meanwhile bake the pumpkin in the oven. Turn on the oven at 200 degrees. Cut the pumpkin roughly in the same size, place it in a snug baking pan and season with rosemary, salt, pepper, garlic (optional) and a drizzle of olive oil. Cook for about 20 minutes (always depends on the power of the oven) then activate the grill to brown it at your own pace. Once cooked, leave to warm and then cut into cubes not too small. Add the pumpkin with lentils, parsley, parmesan flakes and a drizzle of raw oil. Serve with another sprinkled of parsley and flakes on the surface. Try it and share it on social by tagging @nonnacool

Your recipes: 

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Love, Ross.

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